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How to use the Hack !!!

Press the Insert key to show the GUI. GUI looks like this:

  1. Use Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys to navigate through the GUI’s Menu’s.
  2. Up/Down arrow keys enable you to move up/down the GUI (e.g. in main menu, you can select Visual Menu, Weapon Menu, Misc Menu, Save Settings and Load Settings).
  3. When you select a menu in the GUI (e.g. Visual Menu), that item will light up blue.

If you selected Visual Menu, Weapon Menu, or Misc Menu, then when you hit Right arrow key you will open a Sub Menu which looks like this:

  1. To exit the Sub Menu and go back to the Main Menu, hit the Insert key.
  2. The GUI is very easy to navigate and you will learn very quickly how to navigate it the more you use it.
  3. Here are additional GUI screenshots:


Summary of Hotkeys:

- Insert key opens and closes the GUI.
- Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys are used to navigate the menu’s in the GUI.
- If Z Camera Hack is enabled and the GUI is closed, then the Up/Down arrow keys are used to increase/decrease your Z Camera Position.
- ~ key returns your player back to your teams home base.
- Home key saves your players current position.
- End key teleports your player to your previously saved position.
- Page Up key changes your waiting room status to “Ready” or enters the game if the game has already started.
- If Manual Tele Kill Mode is enabled, then the Control key teleports you to the positions of enemy players.
- If Bomb Site/Base/Ice Hold Teleport Hack is enabled, then the Shift key teleports you to: 1) bombsites if you are in destruction mode, 2) bases if you are in conquest mode and 3) dead teammates if you are in icehold mode.
- F12 key disables all currently enabled hacks.

                                        Injection Instructions:
- Open WolfTeam.cfg (located in same folder as DrunkenLoader.exe) and enter your GamerzNeeds User ID Number (That will be: WolfGamerD4ny) . Save WolfTeam.cfg. You can open WolfTeam.cfg in notepad (Start - Run - Notepad.exe).
- Run DrunkenLoader.exe (run it as administrator if you are on Windows 7 or Windows Vista).
- If it is your first time launching DrunkenLoader.exe, then you will be asked to locate the folder where you installed Wolf Team (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\SoftnyxGame\WolfTeamIS).
- Run Wolf Team.
- The hack will be automatically loaded and DrunkenLoader will automatically close.
- When you get on Wolf Team, you will see messages to indicate that the hack is being loaded.