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★★ D4nyH4cks Hack ★★
Included Files:
- DrunkenLoader.exe
- WolfTeam.cfg
- Read Me

Included Hacks:
-2D Enemy Box ESP
-Enemy Name Tags
-No Gun Recoil
-No Gun Spread
-Infinite Gun Ammo
-Ammo Hack
-Ammo Hack: Allows you to change your ammunition type for your primary and secondary weapons and grenades. Doing so enables you to shoot, for instance, I-115 GL (AWP) bullets with a pistol. The power of your weapon is changed according to the ammunition type that you choose. The ammunition types that are included with this hack are:
I-115 GL, EM-72A5 LAW, WT RL-2, EM-32, GD AWFL, Zaitsev CF, SZ-550 GL, Z-36C WT SL, AKEIS-74U LM, EM-2 HB, WT MG-1, DE GL, MK-5 G, Smoke Grenade, Mass Grenade, MK-5 EG, Mass Grenade SP, RED GRENADE, STICK GRENADE, MK-6G, MK-6EG, MK-6E, SNOW GRENADE, CHINA GRENADE, Firework Grenade, Worldcup GRENADE, Halloween GRENADE, RGD-5S, Turkey Grenade.
FAQ: Can additional ammunition types be added? Yes, they can. Requests will be taken into consideration; however we cannot guarantee that new ammuni
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