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◄◄◄ About The Hack.... ►►►

◄◄◄The Hack have: Hack+Inventory Guns and Wolfs ►►►

This Hack is Working on Aeria OF 12/22/2011 ON ALL SERVERS (WIS, WLS, WTS, WPS, WCS, Aeria EN, Aeria DE, Aeria FR, Aeria PL and maybe more!)


Hi there, here's all you need to know about my VIP Wolf Team Super Hack Package:


PRICE: $10 USD for 1 MONTH (it will expire after 30 days) OR $50 USD for LIFETIME subscription (it will never expire).For Now it's FREE !! ENJOY !!

Operating Systems:
- It works on all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 32 bit/64 bit).

Wolf Team Versions:

 - It works on WIS, WLS, WTS, WPS, WCS, Aeria EN, Aeria DE, Aeria FR, Aeria PL (International, Latino, Turkey, Brazil, China, Aeria English, Aeria Deutsch, Aeria French, Aeria Polish).
 It probably works on other versions too (untested).
- If your version of Wolf Team is not listed, then you can purchase the hack to see if it works on your version of Wolf Team. If it doesn't work, then you can ask for a refund.

Included Files:
- DrunkenLoader.exe
- Read Me

Included Hacks:
2D Enemy Box ESP: Draws a 2D Red Box on your enemies. Enables you to see where your enemy is located through walls. Note: To avoid crashing, this hack will automatically disable whenever any resolution change is detected (e.g. if you Alt Tab to desktop or if the in game resolution is different from the lobby resolution). You will need to re-enable it once you notice that it has been turned off.
Crosshair: Draws a Crosshair in the middle of your screen so that you can shoot your enemies more accurately.
Enemy Name Tags: Draws your enemies’ names and HP over your enemies’ heads. Enables you to see where your enemy is located through walls, locate specific players, and keep track of enemy health.
No Gun Recoil: Removes the recoil (shaking) from your guns. Increases weapon accuracy.
No Gun Spread: Removes the spread of bullets from your guns. Increases weapon accuracy.
Infinite Gun Ammo: Gives your primary and secondary weapons infinite ammunition (infinite grenades is not included).
Ammo Hack: Allows you to change your ammunition type for your primary and secondary weapons and grenades. Doing so enables you to shoot, for instance, I-115 GL (AWP) bullets with a pistol. The power of your weapon is changed according to the ammunition type that you choose. The ammunition types that are included with this hack are:

  • I-115 GL, EM-72A5 LAW, WT RL-2, EM-32, GD AWFL, Zaitsev CF, SZ-550 GL, Z-36C WT SL, AKEIS-74U LM, EM-2 HB, WT MG-1, DE GL, MK-5 G, Smoke Grenade, Mass Grenade, MK-5 EG, Mass Grenade SP, RED GRENADE, STICK GRENADE, MK-6G, MK-6EG, MK-6E, SNOW GRENADE, CHINA GRENADE, Firework Grenade, Worldcup GRENADE, Halloween GRENADE, RGD-5S, Turkey Grenade.
  • FAQ: Can additional ammunition types be added? Yes, they can. Requests will be taken into consideration; however we cannot guarantee that new ammunition types will be added quickly.
  • FAQ: Can you shoot grenades with primary and secondary weapons? Yes, you can. However, you may be required to enable God Mode in order to prevent the game from trying to kill you whenever it detects that you are shooting grenades.

Rapid Gun Fire: Eliminates the delay of weapons fire.
Wolf Hack: Allows you to change the wolf type that you transform into. Note: for the most part, wolf type changes are only cosmetic. For instance, when you transform, you will look like another wolf, but you won’t have all of that wolf’s abilities (e.g. you won’t be able to go invisible if you choose ghost wolf and you won’t get 850 HP if you choose guardian wolf). There is, however, still a benefit to using this hack. Ice wolf can still shoot ice balls; Guardian wolf can do funny smart wolf flips and shoot ammo (changeable with ammo hack), etc. The wolf types that are included with this hack are:

  • Normal, Power, Guardian, Ghost, Berserker, Smart, Ghost 2, Ice Wolf, Psycho, Lucian, AsmonLeviathanBahama, Normal Wolf Hunt, Icy Wolf,Molten Wolf (note: you only look like Lucian, Asmon, Leviathan, Bahama, Normal Wolf Hunt, or Molten Wolf if you are on red team and you only look like Icy Wolf if you are on blue team).

No Weapon Sway: Eliminates the sway of your weapon.
Instant Gun Reload: Eliminates the reload delay of your weapon. 
- Continuous Pistol Shooting: Enables you to continuously fire your secondary weapons.
Instant Respawn: Eliminates the respawn wait time. 
Team Kill: Places you on your own team enabling you to kill all players in the game. Note: You must enable this hack in the lobby or waiting room in order for it to activate in game. This hack can only be disabled by turning it off and going back to the lobby.
No Fall Damage: Eliminates fall impact damage.
Z Camera Hack: This hack uses the Up/Down Arrow Keys. Enables you to adjust the Z Axis of your players’ camera using the Up/Down arrow keys. Note: You must close the GUI before you can use the up/down arrows. It is also recommended that you turn off Z Camera Hack when using Fly Hack.
Fly Hack: Enables you to fly around the map (and through walls) using your default Wolf Team movement keys (WASD) and your mouse (look to where you want to fly). Note: If you disable this hack, you will fall to your death. When you start falling, it is best to use the return to base hotkey so that you return to your base unharmed.
Super Speed: Enables you to increase/decrease your move speed. NoteAfter you change the Super Speed Level, you need to switch weapons for the speed change to activate.
Super Jump: Enables you to increase/decrease your jump height. Note: After you change the Super Jump Level, you need to switch weapons for the height change to activate.
- Game Mode: Enables you change between Death Match and EX-Conquest game modes. Advantages include being able to respawn in game modes where you normally can’t (e.g. Destruction) and use EX-Conquest wolves. Disadvantage is that if you turn it off, you may need to rejoin the room in order for the original game mode state to be restored.
+2500 WP Hack: Gives you 2500 WP when you select a weapon.
Tapper: Enables you to move around the map invisibly (like a lagger). When you turn it on, your players position is locked in place. You can then move around the map leaving your actual body behind where you turned on the Tapper (your position will not change on the mini map). When you turn Tapper off, your real body will move to your current position (your position will change on the mini map). You can use the hack to make it look like you are teleporting all over the place.
Anti C114 Hack: Blocks the C114 message in the waiting room so that you don’t get booted from waiting room when your ping does not “agree” with the other players in the room.

  • Use the “ready” or “enter” hotkey in combination with Anti C114 Hack in order to enter laggy rooms. The Page Up Key is the “ready” or “enter” hotkey.
  • Note: Only press the Page Up key once you see that the ping of all other players in the waiting room is visible. If you do not wait, then when you get in game not all players will be visible.

Bomb Site/Base/Ice Hold Teleport Hack: This hack uses the Shift Key. This hack has 3 functions:

  • Bomb Site Teleport: If you are in the destruction game mode, then using this hack will teleport you to Bombsites 1 & 2.
  • Base Teleport: If you are in the conquest game mode, then using this hack will teleport you to Bases 1-5.
  • Ice Hold Teleport: If you are in the ice hold game mode, then using this hack will teleport you to the bodies of your dead team mates so that you can revive them.

God Mode: Makes you invincible to other player attacks. They can’t hit you or touch you. Note: You must enable this hack in the lobby or waiting room in order for it to activate in game. This hack can only be disabled by turning it off and going back to the lobby. Also note: you cannot transform into wolf or climb ladders when god mode is enabled. NOTE: IF YOU WISH TO USE THIS HACK IN ICE HOLD, DESTRUCTION or WOLF HUNT, YOU WILL NEED TO ENABLE GAME MODE HACK AND SET IT TO “DEATH MATCH” MODE BEFORE YOU JOIN THE GAME (ENABLE IT IN THE LOBBY OR WAITING ROOM, JUST LIKE YOU WOULD FOR GOD MODE).

Steps to using God Mode in Ice Hold/Destruction/Wolf Hunt Games:

  1. Enable God Mode in Lobby or Waiting Room
  2. Enable Game Mode and Set it to Death Match Mode in Lobby or Waiting Room
  3. Start Game
  4. When you get in game…you will notice your character respawn…click the screen and you will be able to select your weapons.
  5. Once you select your weapons and respawn…you can turn off Game Mode hack (if you want)…
1 Trillion HP Hack: Gives you 1 Trillion HP. So much HP that it would take other players forever to kill you. Note: You must enable this hack in the lobby or waiting room in order for it to activate in game. You must also enter and leave ONE (1) game before you can use 1 Trillion HP hack. This hack only works for ONE (1) round or ONE (1) Spawn. This means that if the round ends and you enter the next round…you will no longer have 1 Trillion HP (other people will be able to kill you)…or if you die or use Return to Base hack…you will no longer have 1 Trillion HP. Note: even if other people can kill you…1 Trillion HP still can be used to protect you from “suiciding” if you fly into “red zones” using fly hack or shoot grenades using ammo hack.
Tele Kill: This hack has two usage modes:
  • Manual Mode: This hack uses the Control Key. After you turn it onto manual mode you can use the Control key to teleport on top of your enemies.
  • Automatic Mode: After you turn it onto automatic mode, your character will be teleported on top of your enemies at super speed (you will be continuously teleported to every single enemy player that is alive). To use this hack effectively (to kill all enemy players), use rapid fire and use a powerful weapon (e.g. Ammo Type I-115 GL or WT RL-2), and then stare at the ground below you and fire. Watch as all enemies are obliterated.

Return to Base: This hack uses the ~ Key. Use this hack to return to your teams home base. Doing so will respawn your character with full HP and you will be able to re-select your weapons.
Checkpoint Hack: This hack uses the Home and End Keys. Use this hack to save your current location and teleport back to that location whenever you choose. The Home key saves your location and the End key teleports you back to your saved location.

How to use the Wolf Team Super Hack:
- To use the hack, you will use a combination of hotkeys and an In Game GUI.
- A GUI is just a nice looking window that you see within your Wolf Team screen that enables you to see what hacks are currently enabled and turn them ON or OFF.